What Does A Yeast Infection Look Like?

What does A Yeast Infection Look Like? This is the most haunting question if you have a reservation regarding yeast infection. Straight to the point, what does a yeast infection look like is more dependent on its location.

But, if you analyze yeast infections, then the first impression is that it gives you a feeling of inconvenience and embarrassment. The main problem associated with a yeast infection is that it affects all parts of the body starting from hands to other sensitive areas like mouth, vagina etc.

What Does A Yeast Infection Look Like?

As mentioned earlier what does a yeast infection look like, is more dependent on the area it affects. Some observe that a yeast infection looks like a swollen patch of red skin. In many cases, yeast infection is found at armpits, back of knee and elbow, under breasts, and sensitive areas like ear and groin etc.

Scientifically, yeast infection is termed as Candidiasis as it is caused by a Candida genus of yeast, most often Candida albicans. Though more than 20% of woman have colonies of C. albicans, they are well balanced by microbial communities. If this balance gets disturbed then it leads to vaginal yeast infections.

According to the medical experts, Yeast infection is dependent on various factors including an improper balance between natural yeast and that of bacteria. It gets triggered by the acidity levels present on your skin or in your vagina.

Though there is no national surveillance for this yeast infection, it has been reported that more than 75% of the women are suffering from candida yeast infection. Surprisingly, the yeast infection keeps coming back in spite of getting better. Some research studies even reported that yeast infection strikes back more than 4-5 times in a single year.


Symptoms of Yeast Infection:

If you happen to observe what does a yeast infection look like, then you can make a note that these are nothing but the symptoms of yeast infection:

  • Vaginal Discharge:- In the case of vaginal discharge, a yeast infection looks like a white (curd-like) odourless discharge around vaginal part.
  • Vaginal Dryness:- During vaginal dryness, a yeast infection looks like as if vaginal part is completely dry. This is mainly due to the absence of the body’s natural moisturizers and lubricants.
  • Painful Intercourse:- Painful intercourse is another symptom of yeast infection. You will experience high pain in sexual acts.
  • Itching Around Vagina:- A yeast infection looks like itching at the vagina. This is particularly due to dryness and vaginal discharge.
  • Urination Problem:- A yeast infection looks like burning while urination. This is the first symptom generally observed during yeast infections.
  • Oral Infection:- If the yeast infection is prevalent along the oral cavity, then the whitish patch is observed above the red skin. Many of us try to wipe out that. Remember it as a bad practice.
  • Finger & Toe Yeast Infection:- This kind of yeast infection looks like other skin infections characterized by itching and redness.
  • Babies Infection:- In babies, yeast infection is very common as they are more covered with damp diapers. One can easily observe itching, rashes, and redness in babies.


It’s Your Turn:

Incidentally, if you have happened to observe any of the above mentioned yeast infection symptoms, then it’s time to be alert. There are many OTC drugs and prescription medicines and OTC treatments to treat yeast infection; but I would prefer making simple lifestyle changes and opt Home Remedies for Yeast Infection.

No need to go miles. You can procure them right in your kitchen. Incidentally, coconut oil works like a charm and is equally comparable with the anti-fungal drug ketoconazole. Similarly, you can even trust garlic as it is recognised as the best natural antibiotic garlic.

Well backed up by clinical trials; home remedies for yeast infections are simple, effective, tried and tested over the years. Thus, I always feel cool and comfortable using an alternative treatment, and hope can really help you!

Vaginal Yeast Infection Home Treatment