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How to Lose Weight Fast and Keep it Off?

Want to lose weight fast? Here’s the secret to doing it right!

How to lose weight fast and easy? Fed up with dieting plans and weight loss goals to lose weight fast? If yes, please go through this article.

Dieting or exercise alone won’t help you to lose those extra pounds. The best way to lose weight is to introduce small changes in your daily routine.

This sounds like regular, but when you look at the concept, it works best for those who really want to lose weight.

Running miles a day, hitting a gym or fasting is not the correct way to lose weight. Best weight loss programs are those that help you to lose more fat, not your lean muscle tissue.

Watch Out for Fast Weight Loss Scams:

weight loss scam

If losing extra pounds is on your list, beware of the fast weight loss scams. Don’t get fall into the trap of fad diets. The so-called online “quick fixes” are just SCAM.

Following a strict diet plan can work to some extent, but it won’t work completely. While on a strict diet, initially, the weight loss will be quick and more.

This is mainly due to the fact that the body utilizes water and the muscle mass for its metabolic activities and not the stored fat. Although the weight will drop initially, it comes back as fat and it will be very difficult to lose weight further.

Lose Weight Fast in an Efficient Way:

To be frank, being extra weight is physically and mentally painful. Moreover, the losing extra pounds is a painful journey. With so many “lose 10 pounds fast” schemes, it is hard to find genuine tips to tell you how to lose weight fast at a healthy pace.

You can go through many weight loss success stories that make it possible to lose 10 pounds in a week. Thus, a systematic approach is required to get successful results.

By following these easy steps, you can lose a minimum of 10 pounds per week. These simple tips may sound regular, but when you understand the chemistry behind each step, you will definitely believe in following it.

Shift Your Mindset for Better Weight Loss:

Shift your mindset for weight loss
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Before opting any weight loss program, you should make your mind accept the fact about changing your food habits and daily routine exercises. Always remember that you are losing weight for yourself, not for others.

Be realistic with your workout and diet plans. If you’d really made the decision, it is implied that you had already chosen the best way to burn belly fat and improve your health.

Make all the efforts to shift your weight-loss approach healthier and happier for an effective outcome.

Hey! Why don’t you prepare a motivating workout playlist that really pushes you to sweat?

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Make A Good Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast:

Weight loss Diet Plan with nutritionist
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A healthy eating plan is crucial in establishing a good foundation for your weight loss goals. Consult a good dietitian to help you plan the diet. Slowly decrease your calorie intake to a recommended level. Cutting down of calorie intake too much can be counterproductive.

Never try to starve and keep your system empty. This is one big mistake done by the dieters. Instead increase the intake of water, fresh fruits and vegetables. Replace your high-calorie snacks with healthy fat burning carbs (fruits and vegetables) and proteins.

Good nutrition always includes fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy products, complex carbohydrates and lots of water.

You should be very strict on the intake of foods rich in sugar and starch (like carbonated drinks and chocolates), white flour products, red meat, fried chips, and fast foods. This helps you to control appetite, lower insulin levels and thus you end up taking fewer calories.

Eat 6 Meals A Day and Still Lose Weight Fast!

eat 6 times a day
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You may confuse, why one has to eat a lot to burn fat? When you eat continuously within the gap of 2 to 3 hours, it will keep your blood glucose level at a steady state. This makes you feel full. It increases the metabolic rate and triggers the fat burning system.

Heavy dinners cause ‘fat hangovers’. Stay away from heavy carbs like rice, coconut, non-vegetarian and fried foods during the late night meals.

As these foods take much time for digestion and replace the fat whatever you lose during workouts, it is important to avoid big meals at dinner.

Incorporate high-protein (fish, sea food, meat, eggs), low-carb vegetables (cabbage, spinach, broccoli, kale) and a fat source (Coconut oil, butter, olive oil) in each of your meal. This reduces cravings and obsessive thoughts about food to a great extent and promotes a greater degree of weight loss.

As per the Dietary Reference Intake, 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight is an optimal amount of protein required for muscle building and losing weight fast. Why not eat a high-protein breakfast that makes you full throughout the day!

Fat Burning Detox Waters for Weight Loss:

detox water for weight loss
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Detoxification turns your body into a fat burning machine.

We are carrying lots of toxic compounds and by-products in our body which interfere with the weight loss program. Detoxification is a very important step to lose fat fast that many dieters seldom ignore.

One of the easiest steps to detoxify your body is to drink lots of water and rehydrate the cells. Detox Water purifies your system by cleansing the colon and flushing out toxins. You can observe it through the process of frequent urination and sweating.

Exercise Better than Diet Plans?

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There’s been a lot of debate around exercise and diet with respect to weight loss.

Aspiring fitness enthusiasts often ask, Exercise Vs. Diet: Which is more important for weight loss? Well, both the things have their own effect, but in the case of fast weight loss, it works only when diet and physical activity are combined.

The best way to jumpstart weight loss journey is to work out at least 45 min on daily basis. It is not a mandatory requirement to join the most modern gym for workouts. You can workout at home without equipment or weights.

If lifting weights is not an option then you can try cardio workouts like a brisk walk, jogging, swimming, cycling etc. Among all cardio exercises, walking is one of the best exercises that everybody can rely on.

You can combine daily cardio (like walking, jogging, cycling) with weight management exercises for quick weight loss.

If you’ve never exercised, start with brisk walking. Aim for 30 minutes per session. And increase the intensity in a slow manner. Walking 45min a day on moderate speed boosts metabolic rate that helps to burn more calories and lose weight more quickly.

Exercise on regular basis works better than diet plans. It reduces the amount of body fat and replaces the same with muscle mass. Choose a weight loss exercise routine that you can stick for longer times.

Remember that quick weight loss secrets are to be filled with fun and joy so that you can continue it for longer duration and achieve the results.

Weight Loss: A Nutritionist’s Perspective!

Mayo Clinic Healthy Weight Pyramid
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According to the nutrition specialists, exercise along with a balanced diet can do wonder. Exercise and diet are interrelated. Exercising without maintaining a balanced diet doesn’t help to lose weight.

Choose a diet that suits you better and should be followed for a long run. Make sure that the diet meant for quick weight loss should be balanced and match with the recommendations for food guide pyramid.

A healthy weight loss program always starts with small workouts. Burn fat from a particular part of your body. It may be your belly or arms an or thighs or lower back. For it to work out effectively, you need a good trainer to guide and motivate you.

For all this to happen, you should be in a position to accept the fact and make changes in your lifestyle. Changing your eating habits may be quite difficult.

Sometimes, you may find an excuse in following strict diet and exercise programs for longer periods.

Thus, you need to be focused and committed.

Now over to you …

People tend to become fatter when they follow a weight loss diet plan without any exercise. A good diet plan with moderate to little heavy exercise always ranks the best. Based on the real scientific studies, here’s a 3 Week Diet plan to lose weight fast.

There is a minute difference in achieving the weight loss goal and not. Realize your dreams. Make yourself slim and fit.

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